Flexo Operator

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KEY JOB DESCRIPTION 90% of job is making ready and operating 8-color printing press and inspecting material produced. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS -Make ready press, splice label stock to tail of stock in press, put ink in print decks, put coating in coating pan, put on anilox roller and press plates, registering press plates. - Make ready die cutter for matrix removal, slitter blades and delivery end of press. - Perform functions a premakerady technician for mounting plates and preparing dies. - Cut cores as needed per customer specification.. - Operate printing press by turning it on, pulling labels from delivery for quality checks, add ink and coating. - Set up ERC and Promark Handy Scan. - Precise and careful visual inspection of printed material for accuracy and adherence to quality standards including color, copy, print-to-print position, print-to-cut register, printing and cutting defects. - Maintain expected standards of productivity. -Wash up press; including taking ink out of print decks, cleaning plate cylinders with alcohol. -Install, set & remove anilox rollers, printing plates. -Complete time & production reports, attribute charts and checklists. -Complete and file notes specific to each job. -Perform preventive maintenance per daily/weekly/monthly/yearly maintenance charts and clean anilox rollers and ink decks to ensure the press is kept in good condition. -Be dependable, on time to work and available to work consistently, regular and overtime hours & weekends. -Adhere to all Company rules, policies and procedures. -Adhere to all Quality Assurance policies and procedures. -Meet all established standards of conduct and work performance. Non-essential Job Functions -Maintain cleanliness & organization of printing department and area around press with daily, weekly & monthly housekeeping. - Non-routine press maintenance and repair. -Assist in other areas of the plant as needed. Other requirements of this position include: -Meticulous attention to safety requirements. EQUIPMENT, MACHINES, TOOLS, VEHICLES 8-color printing press, wrenches, ink stick, bar code scanner, densitometer, micrometer, dolly, hand truck, core cutter, ruler. PPE: Eye and ear protection, gloves, (safety shoes recommended). ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURES Inside: 100% Temperature Range: Ambient Chemical Exposure: Moderate: Solvents, oil, grease, alcohol, inks, coatings Position Description The Press Operator is in charge of running the entire press system, takes full responsibility for printed product, must have sufficient knowledge of every component of all printing presses, provide a safe working environment to ensure continuous effective operations with the following responsibilities: 1. Pre-production (in coordination with Kitter) a. Locate required plates (if required) b. Locate required substrates and overlaminates (if required). c. Locate required inks (if required). d. Locate required dyes (if required). e. Mount plates (if required). f. Mount substrate onto press (if required). 2. Set-up a. Web press. b. If necessary, mix inks. c. Pour inks into designated ink fountains. d. Install mounted plates into designated stations. e. Install dies into designated stations. f. Adjust registration of all colors until acceptable. g. Check and adjust colors as needed. h. Check die cut for registration and depth, adjust as needed. i. Perform any required quality checks (color, UPC code, etc.). 3. Production run a. Examines job order to determine quantity to be printed, stock specifications, colors and special printing instructions. b. Monitor quality on a continuous basiscolor, registration, die cut, etc. c. Perform in-process quality checks as specified (UPC quality, die cut depth, etc.). d. Produce job to established quality and productivity standards. e. Reacts quickly to make fast adjustment in order to minimize waste and downtime. f. Notify manager of any material or machine issues. g. Examines job order to determine quantity to be printed, stock specifications, colors and special printing instructions. 4. Post-production a. Drain ink from ink fountains. b. Clean ink fountains with specified chemicals. c. Return inks to appropriate areas. d. Remove substrate from press. e. Return substrate to Returned Material Area. f. Return die to designated area. g. Remove plates from cylinders. h. Return plates to specified location. 5. Organizes the work area to maintain a safe and clean environment. Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Knowledge of terminology, job flow, job tickets and the quality standards for the Press area. Self-motivated, organized, detail oriented, mechanically inclined and good hand-to-eye coordination. Basic math ability (add, subtract, multiply, divide) plus computer skills. Ability to read a ruler and scale. Ability to read and interpret work orders and specifications/blueprints. Understand quality standards and produce work to quality standards with appreciation for detail, design and color matching. Ability to produce quality work within company productivity standards. Willingness to keep up with developments and changes in printing technology. Good color vision and ability to be trained to use color measurement instrumentation. Good problem solving and communication skills. Ability to stand for 8-10 hours at a time. Knowledge of good departmental and company safety, housekeeping and PPE practices. Understands departmental procedures and policies. Ability to work with senior management and office staff. Ability to work independently and as a team. Send resume to

Don't Be Fooled

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