Medical Product Program Manager

This is a contract position with our client in Lake Forest. The contract will go until the end of the year.
Familiarity with medical device design controls is a plus. Familiarity with pharma / device combo products is a plus.
The Program Manager has overall accountability for programs and projects from concept through launch. The Program Manager is responsible to ensure the Core Team as well as the Extended Team is on track following the established and approved business plan. The Program Manager is responsible for presenting issues, recommendations and updates to the Governance Committee. The PM has the required skills to form high performing teams that will result in the timely and high quality execution of the assigned program(s).
MAJOR DUTIES AND Responsibilities:

1.Cross Functional Management and Coordination
a.Provide leadership to cross-functional teams by helping define clear, realistic goals; clear barriers to team progress, and facilitate RAPID decision-making.
b.Collects, analyzes, integrates, and maintains cross-functional deliverables (i.e. Integrated Project Plans, Change Management Plans and Project Contracts).
c.Coordinate product documentation to ensure compliance and quality of product is maintained.
d.Drives day-to-day Core Team activities to meet project milestones and keep functions on track.
e.Ensures linkage between continuity of supply, strategy and operational activities.
f.Tracks team performance and proactively alerts team and management about deviations from plan.
g.Executes project logistics (e.g. meetings, action tracking, status updates, etc.)
h.Champions the Change Management and Product Development Process and mentors the Core Team in its application.
i.Continually developing an understanding of the skills and tasks associated with other functions.
2.Project Schedule, Resource, Budget and Project Risk Management
a.Works with the Core Team and consolidates functional inputs to develop, maintain, and align an accurate, integrated project schedule, resource plan, and budget.
b.Facilitates the Core Team with project risk management activities (identification, assessment, mitigation, and management of business risks)
c.Understands critical path activities and anticipates steps that may be bottlenecks
d.Generates analyses of timeline, resource, and budget information that facilitate scenario planning, contingency planning, risk assessment and management, and decision-making
e.Monitors and manages team performance metrics (time, cost and quality milestones) relative to agreed upon project plan
f.Identifies deviations from approved project plans and timelines and keeps the Core Team informed as to their nature and extent
g.Manage and delegate resources in alignment with approved business plan. Raise project resource issues to management. Raise personnel issues, such as performance, directly with functional management.
h.Responsible for maintaining accurate project budgets, timelines and provide the information during the financial planning cycles as required.
3.Project Information/Communication Management
a.Develops and executes communication plan to ensure effective and timely communication between the Core Team and functional management, senior management, and external partners. Update and communicate all needed issues as appropriate to facilitate rapid and cross functional decision-making.
b.Represent the project team in stage gate review meetings with the Governance Committee, which will ultimately influence the Governance Committee decision to continue, stop or redirect the program. Program Manager is expected to report team progress, highlight risks, clarify issues, suggest recommendations, and present next stage business plan.
c.Ensures central access to key project documents (e.g. IBP, project contract, presentations, risk assessment documents, Design History Files etc.)
d.Organize and facilitate effective meetings. Identify and delegates action items, follow-up/track action items to resolution, updates project plans & deliverables, as required, identifies issues and ultimately resolves issues off-line (to ensure effective meetings at all levels).
e.Prepares periodic management and progress reports.
f.Develops and implements plans for use of collaborative team communication vehicles.

Don't Be Fooled

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